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22 September 2014: Dissertation - Shijun Xu @ 13:15 KB
"Microtechnologies for Single-cell Studies"


October 2012: International Innovation reports about the Multifunctional Pipette under the title "A boundary-pushing pipette - Improving single cell studies" in its latest issue.

September 2012: The 1st Annual Summer School of the Nordic Network for Dynamic Biomembrane Research under the title "Biomembrane Methods" is held in Skokloster, Sweden, from Sept. 13-16, 2012. The School is jointly organized by Aldo Jesorka and associate professor Kent Jardemark from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and financially supported by Nordforsk.

July 2012: Avalance Biotech AB founded: Avalance Biotech AB is the latest spin-off from the research group with the goal to market advanced technology for single-cell research."

June 2012: Lab on a Chip Top 10%: Our article 'A multifunctional pipette' was selected by the Editors at Lab on a Chip "from all our high quality papers, to be of exceptional significance for the miniaturisation community. Papers in this category will have received excellent reports during peer review, and demonstrate a breakthrough in device technology, methodology or demonstrate important new results for chemistry, physics, biology or bioengineering enabled by miniaturisation."